The perfect wedding does not just happen. It takes months of planning everything just right, down to the very last detail. When most people plan for the big day they create a list of things, from color schemes and flower types to food being served and the caterer. Many times the wedding exit, or send-off, is left to the last minute. It is an integral part of the occasion, and, therefore, should be planned for in advance as well.

10 Grand Wedding Send-Off Ideas:

1 – Birdseed – Birdseed has become the go-to replacement for rice thrown as the send-off for the bride and groom. It is inexpensive and thankfully unlike its predecessor in that it helps birds as opposed to killing them. It is very economical and can be handed out in beautiful sachets for the guests.

wedding send off bubbles2 – Bubbles – Bubbles are another fun and inexpensive way to see the couple off. Be sure to pick non-toxic and non-staining brands (lest there may be an angry bride!), and get the bigger ones for the best effect. They come in all sorts of cute designs too, like bells or champagne bottles. The more of these you buy, the more you save from specialized dealers.

3 – Hand Clappers/Light Up Maracas/Other noisemakers – This is a cute idea that ranges from really cheap to quite pricey. Noisemakers are available through party and outlet stores in large quantities for very reasonable prices; this makes them an excellent option for those on a budget. For those who would like to get fancy, there are places that will personalize them for you. If you choose this route keep in mind, it will be quite a bit more expensive. However, these can also serve as party favors and souvenirs for your guests!

4 – Fireworks – What better way to delight everyone after the vows are spoken than to light up the night sky in celebration of the new union. Cost may be a factor here if you want a grand display, as mortars are quite expensive, and it would be wise to hire a professional to set them off!

5 – Chinese Wish Lanterns – Chinese wish lanterns are another way to light up the night sky without the danger of explosions. Guests are advised to work as two man teams to send the couple off with these; one person should hold the lantern and the other light it so there are no fires. Another added cost for these would be the lighters everyone will need to send the lamps up within reasonable times of one another, so be sure to factor in that cost.

wedding send off sparklers6 – Sparklers – A budget-friendly option to the above two that will also send the newlyweds off in a brightly lit fashion are sparklers. These can be purchased in many places online if there are no year-round fireworks stores in your area, and the pictures that can be taken with this type of send-off are nothing short of stunning. Just watch where you point them!

7 – Flags and Pom-poms – If the bride and groom both love sports this can be a fantastic way to send them off. These could be either in the wedding colors or those of their favorite team, can be quite affordable or can be personalized at an additional expense, and they can also be used for wedding mementos for guests to take home.

8 – Autumn Leaves – What would be better for a fall wedding than a send-off with leaves? This can be an entirely free option; the only investment made being the time spent collecting freshly fallen, clean leaves. Search the web for wedding pictures with this, they are quite stunning.

9 – Confetti/Leaf Confetti – Confetti can be pre-bought, but it may be cheaper to buy construction paper and a couple hole punches and put the kids in your life to work if you are on a super tight budget! If you do not like the idea of having to clean up afterward, gather a bunch of different color leaves and use a hole punch to create an entirely biodegradable confetti.

wedding send off balloons10 – Natural Rice Alternatives – Another excellent choice for a send-off for the nature conscious couple is anything that will help the environment or the animals in it. Some ideal choices that are also easy on the checkbook are oatmeal, lavender, various herbs or even flower petals.

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