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It’s no small secret that the first dance at a wedding is a symbol of love, passion, and the couple’s new life together. The first dance is often a nerve-wracking thing to think about for the couple, though some do look forward to the first dance.  You can have an unforgettable first dance even if you or your significant other has two left feet.  So how does a couple turn their frown upside down and make the dance something they will be looking forward to and something that they will truly remember?

One idea is to create your own choreography. No longer is the first dance a symbol of showing off your spouse. It is now for the passion and the love that you will share with your spouse for the entirety of the marriage. For those who have not had many dance lessons, don’t fear. Plenty of dance lessons for engaged couples exist around the globe.

Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding Dance Lessons

These dance lessons will allow you to become comfortable with reading your partner during the first dance. They will also help ease the nerves associated with the first dance if there has been no dance history between the two of you. As for creating your own choreography, your dance teachers will be able to help you create this special dance. Whether you take your cues from “Dancing with the Stars” or from “Dirty Dancing”, your instructor should be able to help you create an inspired dance that will always hold a special place in your heart.

If you’re not worried about the choreography, you might be worried about your song. Should it be romantic? Daring? Dramatic? Talk with your fiance or fiancee. Is there a song you had in mind? Did they have a song in mind? Do you have songs you both find have a special meaning to your life? These might be good questions to ask when planning what song will play during that first dance.

Another idea to think about when deciding what the song will be, think about why you chose the song. If you chose a popular song from when you were growing up, did it have a significant impact that pushed you to where you met your spouse? If not, why did you pick it? Does your spouse have a story that goes with it? If not, why pick it? If possible, pick a song that has a story behind it that would mean something. Share that story at the wedding if you’re comfortable with it. Pay the song a tribute to the meaning it has in your life or in your spouse’s life if it’s pertinent.

Still not tickled pink by an idea? Why not have a flash mob? A flash mob is usually an unplanned dance that is kind of nuts, kind of out there, strange, random, etc. They usually disperse quickly as well. If you’re not into the whole idea of dancing with your soon to be spouse alone on the dance floor, talk about this idea. It would invite the guests to join you, and you could always disseminate it if it was too crazy for the area.

Also on the subject of a flash mob, the song doesn’t matter. If you’re unsure of what song you want to have your true first dance during on that playlist, let the moment come to you. If you and your spouse both feel it is right to dance during the third song, let the first two be for the guests or for a flash mob. The flash mob idea also takes some of the pressure off of you and your spouse at the wedding to initiate the dancing. The Harlem Shake is a good example of a flash mob dance if you don’t know what to look for.

Unforgettable First Dance With Low Fog

Unforgettable First Dance With Low Fog

For a truly magical experience, however, ask your entertainers or DJ about low-fog. If you can only have it for a certain amount of time, get the first dance in that time. Dancing with a low-fog machine emitting a small amount of fog or just enough to cover the ground lightly will make it seem like you’re dancing on clouds. If your spouse has a tendency to lean towards what is considered a fairy tale, why not surprise them with a surprise that will also create beautiful photos?

The fog machine is also a great compliment to Fall weddings, but this digresses. Low fog, as already mentioned, offers the illusion of dancing in the clouds. On top of being fairy tale like, it’s truly romantic. Since the first dance is supposed to be a symbol of the love you share with your spouse, this is an option to consider.

Whether you decide to have a flash mob, special choreography, or a fog machine, the first dance can hold a priceless memories, even if you have two left feet.

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    November 4, 2015

    I played at a wedding last year that used the flash mob idea. It was truly awesome!


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