There’s a lot of pressure on brides and grooms to-be to play the part of excellent hosts by showing their guests a great time. With all the planning that goes into trying to create the perfect day, you’ll want to be able to relax and mingle, meanwhile knowing your guests are in good hands and sufficiently entertained. A big part of your planning involves finding great wedding entertainment, which brings up the question of dueling pianos: yay, or nay?  Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with this style of entertainment, or you previously thought they were limited to crass humor and old hokey songs — Wrong!! Our great team of professional dueling pianists will be able to sweep your guests off their feet with musical range that creates both a formal ambiance as well as a fun and energetic atmosphere. Here are some of the benefits of choosing dueling pianos as your wedding entertainment:

Versatile Music Selection
Dueling pianos have to be prepared to cater to a lot of different audiences and types of venues, for that reason, they carry a lot of tricks up their sleeves and have the experience to accommodate any kind of performance space and play a variety of kinds of music to suit the occasion. If you’re worried they might not fit in with your types of guests, then ask what kind of music they play and you might be surprised at their range.  Experienced dueling pianists know all the timeless songs that always excite crowds, no matter their age or background. They’re pros at reading the crowd and can make your wedding flow seamlessly by playing the right song at the right time. You can have a mix of high-energy music as well as something more subdued and relaxing. Our dueling piano shows provide classical ceremony music, dinner/cocktail background jazz, a great dueling piano show, and even DJ music.

Interactive With Guests
At many events featuring musicians, the music eventually sinks into the background as everyone mingles, chats, and otherwise forgets about the performance. Well, that almost never happens with dueling pianos as they engage with guests and incorporate a lot humor into their performance. One of the best features of dueling pianos is that they provide a lot of interactive entertainment for your guests. Participation from the audience is prevalent in most acts, and your guests will be singing and clapping along, talking back, and laughing at punch lines throughout the evening.  Deciding on how much engagement you want is part of our planning process and is customized for every show.

Customize Your Wedding
Perhaps you want announcements to be made, or specific songs to be played at designated times, you can work with your pianist duo to tailor their show with your special requests. You can even provide them with some trivia questions about the bride and groom to ask between songs, which is a great for having guests interact in a way that’s relevant to the wedded couple. Use your imagination to come up with ideas, or talk to them to help them customize their performance to your event.

As you can see, dueling pianos offer numerous benefits with their wide range of musical talent and ability to customize their performance. With our all-inclusive, full-service options, you’ll have all your bases covered as we provide the perfect way of transitioning from ceremony to reception, and then party time. If you’re at all undecided about what kind of entertainment to have at your wedding, be sure to thoroughly explore our website ( to get better acquainted with all the services we offer.

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