After the marriage ceremony, wedding guests will gather at the reception to celebrate a beautiful day of love. One of the many heartwarming moments of that day will be the first dance that the bride and groom have with their father and mother. It’s a way of showing gratitude to their parents while sharing a heartening moment. An important part of putting together a wedding is choosing the music at the reception, namely the songs to the first dances. There are so many lovely tunes available that it may seem overwhelming to choose. Depending on your musical preference, you’ll certainly be able to pick the right music with a few of these suggestions.

First, you must decide with your partner a dance “strategy”, if you will. There are many ways to plan for it, such as the bride and groom could dance first while the parents come in later, or everyone could join in at once. Determining a plan beforehand is the best route, and there is no wrong way to go about it.

Music has a lovely way of saying words for us. Since many fathers become emotional during weddings upon realizing that their little girl has grown up, it might be a good idea to use a song that will remind him of the bond you two share. For the bride having difficulties choosing a song, “Sea of Lovers” by Christina Perri is a gentle melody with soothing lyrics, definitely a potential tear-jerker. If modern songs aren’t your style, perhaps use one your father might have listened to back in the day, like “Songbird” by Fleetwood Mac. It’s a great song that will have him reminiscing old memories.

first dance song suggestions

Mother/Son First Dance

There’s nothing sweeter than a mother’s love, and the song should represent that. “Baby I’m Yours” by Arctic Monkeys is a classy way to showcase the groom’s love for his mother. It’s style is vintage with an uplifting tune to keep the mood merry. If you prefer a different genre, “Making Memories of Us” by Keith Urban is recommended for it’s beautiful southern style and lyrics that will have any mother remembering the good times. To those who decided to pair up the dances, “One and Only” by Adele is a touching way to represent the love everyone shares on the dance floor.

Whether you want something upbeat or slow, there’s a song out there that is made for your wedding. Hopefully these suggestions will spark an idea for the bride or groom struggling to find the perfect tune. Love is universal, and any song you decide will depict that.

Still unsure?  Here are some more great first dance song suggestions presented by Wedding Paper Divas.

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