Most brides will put an extensive amount of planning into choosing a gorgeous dress, the perfect menu, and an elaborate wedding cake. But how many will put as much thought into the kind of lighting they’ll have at their event? Lighting is something that is often overlooked, yet extremely important for making your wedding as beautiful and memorable as possible. The following describes several ways lighting can have a profound impact on your special event.

Venue Lighting

venue lightingLighting can have a major impact on the overall look and feel of your venue. Everything from flamboyant light effects to subtle lighting techniques can put in place the ambiance you’re looking for. A few examples for your main venue would include having a gobo projector for personalized monograms. This type of lighting uses a specially designed insert that is put into a lighting fixture. It’s often used to project a couple’s monogram either on the wall behind their table or on the dance floor. Uplights can also be used to project columns of light upward and can highlight the perimeter of the room or particular architectural features.

Dance Floor Lighting

low fog first danceNot only can you use gobo lighting on the dance floor to create a unique design but a low fog machine can be used to create the “dance on a cloud” effect for the first dance. Colors can also be used in special lighting effects. A color wash can be put in place that creates a blanket of color for a dramatic effect on the dance floor. We use wireless LED lighting for our uplights.  Because there are no cables and LED lights do not get very hot, they are very safe fixtures for your guests.  Research has shown that lighting can affect how well people work in an office setting to how much they eat or drink in a restaurant. Lighting on the dance floor will contribute to how many people dance as well as the overall mood. Whatever lighting you choose will have as much impact on your reception as the music and food.

The Photography

outdoor-blue-uplightsWith stunning lighting comes stunning photography. The color of the lighting throughout the venue will allow for beautiful photographs to be taken. The photographer will love the ambiance that they get to work with.  A wedding that takes place outside or in a tent can still have special lighting but these venues may require different planning depending on the weather.

The Atmosphere

Lighting is important because it creates an overall atmosphere that sets the mood for you and your guests. Beautiful lighting will create the memories for your wedding that will last a lifetime. You’ll want to be sure that the venue can dim their own lighting to get the most out of the accentual lighting that we provide.  Nothing kills a dance floor more than a bright white room.

No matter what type of lighting you decide to use, we will test everything in the venue ahead of time to make sure you’re getting the look and feel you want. Of all the dozens of items that need to be considered for a beautiful wedding, lighting is ultimately one of the most important.

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