The Do’s And Don’ts Of Planning Your Wedding: Music Edition

If you’ve begun the process of planning your wedding, then by now, you probably know that budgeting is the single most difficult part of putting together your special day. One of the main things that couples have a hard time selecting a budget for is the music and live entertainment. Some couples who feel overwhelmed will sometimes consider eschewing professional entertainment altogether and instead just relying on a family member or friend to serve as “DJ iPod.”

Look, you don’t have to spend the entirety of your wedding budget on your live music. However, it’s a foolish idea to leave the job to an amateur and almost all couples who do this end up regretting it. To help you make an informed choice about the music entertainment for your wedding, here are some of the do’s and don’ts of planning the entertainment portion of your wedding.

Do: Remember How Important Entertainment Is

At your wedding reception, once the dinner and speeches are over, there isn’t really much left for guests to do besides dance and socialize. If there’s no live music or an enthusiastic DJ or band leader, it can be difficult to motivate people to want to get up and stay on the dance floor.

Because of this, it’s never a good idea to forgo investing in good live entertainment. However, just because you’re investing in some great music doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank.

Don’t: Be Afraid To Talk About Budget Or Custom Plans

When you’re meeting with your DJ or band to discuss financing, don’t be afraid to ask about budget or custom plans. Professional companies know that no two couples are working with the same budgets or have the same needs. For example, small weddings with a short list of guests require fewer lavish displays than big weddings with huge guest lists. Don’t be afraid to talk about how the company can work with your budget.

Do: Remember The Ceremony And The Cocktail Hour

The reception isn’t the only portion of your wedding where you’ll need musical entertainment. Many couples choose a live music performance for their ceremony as well, since just playing a track over the venue’s sound system can be a bit dull. Also, if you are having a cocktail hour, having a band play or hiring a DJ to spin some tunes is a good way to keep the energy going between your ceremony and your reception.

Don’t: Hire A Separate Lighting Crew If You Don’t Have To

It’s best to work with an entertainment company that can also stage the lighting for your ceremony, cocktail hour or reception. Not only does this help you to reduce your personal costs, but it ensures that the lighting will be exactly what your entertainer needs to put on their best show. Lighting can really make or break a party. Having an entertainment company that knows what they are doing in that realm can be very, very helpful.

Do: Keep Calm And Know What You Want

Planning a wedding truly shouldn’t be stressful, no matter what those hysterical “bridezillas” on reality television say. It’s best to keep calm and know exactly what you want and what you can afford. If you’re working with a professional company and articulating your entertainment needs, you’re sure to end up with the wedding of your dreams.

Live entertainment, good music and great lighting are crucial elements of any fantastic party. If you make them a priority for your wedding, then you are sure to have a magical day and night that you and your guests will never forget.

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