After months of planning and coordinating the perfect wedding, your honeymoon is the ideal time to relax and regroup. Many couples head to the beach or an exotic locale, but you probably haven’t considered a unique destination for your first week of wedded bliss.

Quebec, Canada

quebec city in winter

A European getaway – not in Europe.

Longing for a European honeymoon but it isn’t in your budget or schedule? Head north across the border to the Canadian town of Quebec, instead. It’s sweetly reminiscent of Europe with its French-speaking population, quaint cobbled streets, and various cafes. Quebec is incredibly unique because it is the only walled city in North America.

Not many people know Quebec is responsible for 77 percent of the world’s maple syrup supply making this the destination if you love your syrup-smothered breakfasts. Spring is peak harvest time, so you’re sure to be inundated with this sticky concoction if you’re having a spring wedding. The state has over 400 sugar shacks, meaning it isn’t difficult to get a taste of the syrup just days after it left the tree.

Quebec is actually located on an island where the St Lawrence and Ottawa rivers converge. The city’s residents are quite active and use bicycles as a main form of transportation. Because of this, the streets are very bicycle-friendly and there are over 600 kilometers of cycling paths. See the incredible population of whales on one of the city’s many whale watching cruises in the St Lawrence River. The river is practically teeming with a variety of whale species because of the large numbers of shellfish in this unusually deep river.

Quebec is one of the few North American cities where you’ll feel like you’re in Europe, and the food is a big reason why. You’ll be glad for all of those bicycle trails after days of authentic French cuisines and cozy nights in a plush honeymoon suite.

Woodstock, Vermont

"When the snow starts falling, skiers and snowboarders flock to the town's Suicide Six."

Woodstock Inn, Vermont

Did you have a beautiful winter wedding complete with falling snow, faux fur coats, and a hot cocoa bar? As much as the beach is calling you, consider a winter destination to continue your fondness for the season. Woodstock, Vermont is a top rated (and underrated) ski destination known for its great slopes, snug honeymoon suites with crackling fireplaces, and hearty cuisine.

While Woodstock is considered a four-season destination, winter definitely doesn’t slow the tourism down. When the snow starts falling, skiers and snowboarders flock to the town’s Suicide Six. It’s one of the oldest ski areas in the country and it’s extremely family friendly with slopes for every ability and age. If skiing isn’t your forte, head into the snow-covered mountains for snowshoeing and intense scenery.

If you’re lucky enough to tuck yourself away in Woodstock for the holidays, you can view the annual Wassail Parade and Weekend which includes Holiday House Tours and Messiah Sing. Not only will you be celebrating your brand new marriage, you’ll have the backdrop of Christmas carols, twinkling lights, and softly falling snow.


honeymoon dinner serengeti

Honeymoon Dinner In The Serengeti

Sprinkle your honeymoon with some serious adventures in the African country of Tanzania. It’s popular with people from around the world because it’s home to over 25,000 animals including elephants, black rhinos, big cats, and giraffes just to name a few. You can also take a day trip to the Ngorongoro Crater, an incredibly lush and picturesque area that was formed by a collapsed volcano over two million years ago and home to rare and endangered black rhinos.

You can start your honeymoon with a night in Arusha, a town near the airport with a hopping bar scene. From there, you’ll catch a flight to Lake Manyara for some wildlife viewing. This area is populated by the languid Masai giraffe and offers plenty of relaxing hot springs. If you’ve come to Tanzania to see African wildlife up close and personal, you’ll want to visit the country’s oldest and most famous game reserve, Serengeti.

At the end of the day, relax in luxurious hotels on Zanzibar Island or fall asleep to the sounds of the African plains at a variety of Serengeti lodges.

You’ve had the wedding of your dreams, and your honeymoon is another opportunity to make memories you’ll cherish for your entire marriage. Whether you’re seeking adventure or culture, embrace your unique honeymoon!

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