Dutchgrand Piano Shell
Dutchgrand Piano Shell
Dutchgrand Piano ShellDutchgrand Piano Shell
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Dutchgrands are one of the most popular shells for traveling dueling piano companies due to their ease of portability (They weigh only 48 lbs). They are also smaller than a baby grand, measuring a little over 3' 3" in depth. This is always the trade off with portable shells. You want them to be easy to move, and fit into passenger vehicles but usually that means that they need to be smaller, and thus less visually stunning in larger spaces. These shells will fit in any minivan, most SUV's and even some of the smaller station wagons. Additionally, the setup is simply a matter of unfolding the three legs, which takes less than a minute.

Because of the compact size, these shells are great in smaller rooms and on smaller stages, even for permanent clubs. (But beware of bachelorette's, since you can't sit someone on top of this piano.) Also, they are very reasonably priced at about $1700 for a single black shell including shipping and handling (but not including a $60 tariff). Oh, and if you're ok with the compact size, the finish (high gloss), the tapered legs and general appearance is quite nice. They do not have the ability to create custom sizes, but colors other than black and white are available at an additional charge. For example a red piano is an additional $75. Other colors are an extra $400.

The company is based in the Netherlands, but is represented in the United States by Dutchgrand USA, and specifically Orin Sands who is a dueling piano player. Once they receive payment they ship out immediately and you can expect delivery within the US in 3-7 days for pianos that are in stock (black, white and sometimes red).


147cm (4' 9") side to side, 101cm (3' 3") deep and 85cm (33.5") high, including the cover.
Keyboard bay accepts keyboards that are 142 cm (55.75") long
Compatible keyboards include CP-33, CP-300, CP-4, CP-40, RD800 and many others.
Weight: 48 lbs


2 Dutchgrand Portable Piano Shells (Black or White)
2 Dutchgrand Padded  Piano Shell covers
2 sets of anti slip pads
Delivery and handling
$3400 (They offer discounts for cash, so ask)
In addition their transport company will charge a separate tariff for taxes which has typically been in the range of $60 for the pair.
Red + $75
Other colors: + $400

email: dutchgrandusa@hotmail.com

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