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4301 East Sheena Drive, Phoenix, AZ, Arizona 85032

This company offers great solutions for portable piano shells of varying sizes, including uprights and baby grands in various sizes, and up to 5' long. The "pro style" legs come off easily the the body of the shell can be lifted in and out of a vehicle by a single strong person, or easily with two people. They offer a 2' micro-grand under $1,000 that looks more like a console upright which is great for tight spaces where you don't want to use a keyboard stand, but don't have room for a grand.

Pros and Cons. First the cons. The Plan B's that we've played on are designed with a "modern style dashboard" which is essentially the part of the shell that diagonal slants from above the keyboard up to the top of the piano, presumable to rest music on, at a nice readable angle. While it is a nice angle, the lip at the bottom of the console is flush with the rest of the diagonal plane, which means that anything you put on the dashboard (i.e. Phone, sheet music, tablet) will probably slide down onto the keyboard with nothing to stop it. If only they could add a half inch vertically on the lip at the bottom to stop your music from sliding off the dashboard--that would be a nice addition. The good news is you can order your Plan B with this modern style dashboard, or with a traditional style that doesn't have the slant.

Another possible issue we've heard about from players that use Plan B's regularly is that the lacquered finish chips off pretty easily if banged against. OK, we get that it's not optimal to drop or bang around your nicely lacquered shells. But that's the reality of both bar shows (bachelorettes and bottles) as well as traveling shows where the equipment is being moved around all the time. The good news for travelers, is that they also offer padded cases for the shells that will protect them from scratches and such. No doubt a local cabinet finisher would be able to repair that kind of damage quite easily without it costing a lot of money.

Pros: Least you get the idea from the above that we don't like Plan B's, we really do! If well kept, these pianos really look nice, and would be perfectly appropriate for a formal gala. They are also very portable. The "Pro-style" legs are quickly removable so that you can easily fit two of the 4' shells and a full 5 speaker sound system in the back of a mini-van, or pickup truck. You can fit the 3.5' shells in the back of an SUV. (Maybe even a station wagon...do they still make station wagons??). Any of the pianos they already have made they can get out the door in 2-3 days. If they have to make them first, they can get them out the door in 9-10 days. Expect 4 business days on top of that for delivery. Of course the delivery time will probably vary depending upon their backlog, so call and verify.

Pricing: A note about pricing...like anything else, price depends on many factors, including the options you choose, if they have extra shells lying around that they want to push out the door, how many you order at one time, and if there's backroom issues that we don't even know about, but that effect the ease of manufacturing or delivery. That being said, we were given the following quotes in June of 2016. Your quotes very well may be different.

Quotes were based on purchasing 2 identical shells at the same time, with Glossy Black Finish, Modern Style Dashboard and Pro Style Legs.

  • 2.0' Micro grand $  900 per shell
  • 3.5' Mini Grands  $1050.00 per shell
  • 4.0' Petite Grands $1100.00 per shell
  • 5.0' Baby Grands $1300.00 per shell
  • 36 inch tall Upright Piano Shell $1200.00 per shell

On top of these prices is delivery from their factory in Phoenix, AZ, which costs about $200 - 350 per shell depending on size. There are additional delivery surcharges for some locations, so be sure to ask.

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