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    Many times, it seems clients want the two pianos back-to-back so that the pianists are facing each other but not seeing the audience together. Yeah, I suppose it is a traditional look, but as we know the show is with the audience.

    I always try to talk the clients out of this set up, and here’s why. If we can’t view the audience, we might as well be facing the wall. Ideally, I like to sit angled so that I can see my partner and the entire audience without having to turn my head 90 degrees. I want to know what’s happening with them all the time. After all, the audience IS the show! In that kind of setup, it’s like a nice compromise.

    There is always something unique happening out there (well almost always) that can be brought into the show. If the client understands this, they are usually very willing to drop their floor plan suggestion, unless there is simply no room on the stage area.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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