Here we have assembled some of the more common questions that have been asked.  If a question pertains to a particular dueling piano player/company, you may contact them from their profile page.


Can I Watch A Performance?

Duh! That’s why we’re here! We don’t represent any one single dueling piano company/venue. Use our dueling piano directory or calendar and find a show in your area tonight… and have fun!

Where Do You Travel?

You will find dueling piano players here that service the entire US area. You may search our directory to find players that provide service in your area.

Is This Site Free?

Absolutely! It is a “labor of love.”


Why Should I Create A Profile?

We provide 3 unique profile pages – each with their own unique benefits. By having a profile page, you are able to explore more of the site and take advantage of additional free services that are provided. Whether you are looking for a dueling piano show or if you provide one, having a profile will allow us to make the connection you are looking for.


Why Can’t I Post In The Forums?

The forums are for dueling piano players to share information. If you have registered as a dueling piano player and still cannot post, it means that you have not completed the required amount of information in your profile. Please refer to the progress information as presented on your profile page after you have logged in.


How Do I Write A Guest Post?

It’s very simple. Register and then go here.




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