Wedding Paper Divas Song Selections

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When you get married, you’re involved in rapid-fire decision making for months. From the color of the tablecloths to the flavor of the wedding cake, every choice seems critical,. Your wedding music is just as important. Wedding Paper Divas makes choosing your wedding music easy with a user-friendly wedding song idea generator. Selecting the song […]

Marriage Proposal Fails: What Not To Do

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Wedding proposals are the things that many girls grow up dreaming about and most young men usually dread. They are supposed to be perfectly romantic and at the same time unforgettable. Some among us are thoughtful and creative enough to make great plans, but some of us give the word unforgettable a whole new meaning. […]

‘I Do’ Again: Healthy Reasons Married Couples Renew Their Vows

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For some people getting married means living happily ever after, but like all things in life, changes may occur. In a relationship, things can change for the better or for the you hear ‘I do’ at a wedding, it is a celebration of two people coming together. When a couple chooses to renew their vows, […]

Creative Ways To Announce You’re Getting Married

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Instead of the usual instagram shots (which have become a common trende) there are lots of other creative ways to announce your engagement to the world. The following are 10 fun ways to announce you’re getting married. Make a Message T-shirt – For a woman who is planning on changing her name this idea is […]

Shortcuts And Wedding Entertainment Pitfalls

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When couples try to plan their wedding, there are a number of important details that must be executed for a dream event. From the flowers to the catering, there are several factors that determine the quality of the event from beginning to end. When it comes to wedding entertainment, many people assume that they can […]

25 Wedding Favors That Are Sure To Please

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Wedding favors are fun and personable. This collection of 25 wedding favor ideas with photos are sure to please your guests! 1. Plant with a cute sign. Plants are eco-friendly and are an easy addition, because the guests don’t have to grow them. Add a cute sign with it to add some wedding charm. 2. […]

It’s All About That Bling! Or Is it?

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Every woman dreams of her wedding day; the beautiful gown, flowers and the ring. Well, what happens if your ring does not live up to your standards? Where is the stone? It’s your wedding day and you are beyond excited because you are finally marrying the man of your dreams. As he places the ring […]

First Dance Song Suggestions for Your Wedding

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After the marriage ceremony, wedding guests will gather at the reception to celebrate a beautiful day of love. One of the many heartwarming moments of that day will be the first dance that the bride and groom have with their father and mother. It’s a way of showing gratitude to their parents while sharing a […]

Wedding Traditions: Keep them or Throw Them out the Window?

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There are so many wedding traditions that have been developed since the beginning of time. Thankfully, they have stopped hanging the wedding sheet outside of the honeymoon suite for all to see. However, this begs the question of whether or not there are other traditions that should be left in the past. The Bouquet Toss […]

Unique Wedding Traditions Around The World

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Tradition is that part of culture passed from generation to another differing in details from community to community. A community is unique based on the traditions it follows when celebrating or honoring a particular custom or events. The Wedding is one of the commonly celebrated events around the world, and certain wedding traditions have to […]

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