Wedding Paper Divas Song Selections

brides-feetWhen you get married, you’re involved in rapid-fire decision making for months. From the color of the tablecloths to the flavor of the wedding cake, every choice seems critical,. Your wedding music is just as important. Wedding Paper Divas makes choosing your wedding music easy with a user-friendly wedding song idea generator.

Selecting the song that will play as you celebrate your first dance together is a challenge. You want music that showcases your dancing talents. More importantly, you want the words to have meaning. Maybe you have always known that you’ll dance to the song that played on the jukebox while you had your first kiss. Most likely, however, choosing a song for your first dance is going to involve lots of suggestions and lots of no’s before you find your “I do.”

Song Recommendations For Entire Wedding

The first dance song isn’t the only music that will play at your wedding. The ceremony and reception are meticulously planned to reflect your love for one another. The music that plays throughout both should be well thought out too. The song idea generator at Wedding Paper Divas allows you to browse songs in several different categories, including the following:

  • Processional songs
  • Recessional songs
  • Wedding party entrance songs
  • First dance songs
  • Father daughter dance songs
  • Mother son dance songs
  • Cake cutting songs
  • Bouquet toss songs
  • Reception songs

Give It A Try!

Click on a category to see a list of possible song titles with a clickable link that lets you listen to the tune and view the lyrics. If that’s too broad, you can narrow down your choices by filtering songs by genre or decade. You’ll be able to get acquainted with songs that you have never heard before or relive old favorites. Try it out! It’s fun and easy.

The right songs will give you a chance to share your relationship with your wedding guests whether you’re making your grand entrance as a married couple or welcoming the wedding party to the reception. Are you a raucous lover of classic rock? Does slow country crooning represent your personality? Wedding Paper Divas will help you create a playlist that is tailored specifically to you so that your wedding will be like no other.

Wedding Paper Divas can also help you make decisions about the other important aspects of the big day, including wedding invitations and save the dates, favors and personalized gifts. The company has inspired wedding couples since 2006, providing stationery, inspiration and resources for millions of brides and grooms.


Marriage Proposal Fails: What Not To Do

Wedding proposals are the things that many girls grow up dreaming about and most young men usually dread. They are supposed to be perfectly romantic and at the same time unforgettable. Some among us are thoughtful and creative enough to make great plans, but some of us give the word unforgettable a whole new meaning.

marriage proposal mascot1) Dressing up as the Mascot

Let’s set the scene. A young couple attends a sporting event and some time during the evening, the young man disappears. Maybe his excuse is that he was going to get some nachos. What he is really doing is getting into costume to surprise his girlfriend at some point. Then in front of thousands on people and maybe even on television, he finds a way for her to interact with the mascot and then surprises her by holding up a sign or even worse popping out of the suit to propose.

Conclusion: The result is usually one very embarrassed girlfriend and one soon-to-be single guy.

2) Tying the Ring to a Balloon

The recipe for this disaster is pretty easy to follow. First, find and purchase an expensive engagement ring. Second, buy some helium balloons. Third, attach the ring to one or more of those balloons. Sounds romantic, right? Wrong. This can play out badly in any number of ways. The balloons can be caught by a gust of wind before even reaching the proposal itself or either person might get so excited that he or she just forgets to hold on to the balloons.

Conclusion: Can anyone say “up, up and away”? Birds fly, planes fly. Rings should not fly.

3) Asking the Girl in Front of her Family

Pick a holiday, any holiday. Get yourself invited over to spend it with your girlfriend’s family. They seem nice enough, right? So, you decide (without any advance scouting of her possible reaction) that you’re going to propose to your girlfriend in front of her entire family. If she says yes, the worst you’ve done is made what should be a personal moment public. But, if she wants to say no, you have now embarrassed her in front of her entire family and after she runs from the room, there will definitely be an awkward silence.

Conclusion: Family events can be stressful enough without adding a marriage proposal to it.

4) Being Upstaged by Another Proposal

The guy has made his plans. He’s got his friends in on the night to help him keep things casual and serve as backup support. You know – just in case. He buys a beautiful ring and is sure of his long-time girlfriend’s response. They plan a night out at a great restaurant. He’s nervous, but things are going along nicely. Then, just as he starts his warm-up, another guy gets up and gets the attention of everyone in the room. He then drops to one knee and proposes to his own girlfriend. And with that the first guy’s plans have been derailed. There’s no way he can propose now without looking like a copycat.

Conclusion: If you choose a location that might lend itself to proposals, don’t wait until the end of the evening to make your move.

5) Not Giving Your Girl a Heads-Up

The young man goes shopping for food. He returns home to prepare a delicious meal complete with music and candlelight. He has asked his girlfriend over for dinner and plans to propose. The only detail he has forgotten is to let his girlfriend know how she should dress up for the meal. This may not be a problem if the girl in question always dresses up for dinner. But if she happens to be someone who likes to exercise, she may just show up in sweaty gym clothes. Not exactly what the young man had in mind.

Conclusion: Don’t forget the tiniest of details. They’re important, especially if you were counting on a nice photograph.

To avoid becoming part of one of these scenarios, plan your proposal wisely and for goodness’ sake avoid doing it in public if you possibly can. Private, intimate proposals are simply nicer for everyone involved, especially if the answer is “no.”


‘I Do’ Again: Healthy Reasons Married Couples Renew Their Vows

renew vowsFor some people getting married means living happily ever after, but like all things in life, changes may occur. In a relationship, things can change for the better or for the you hear ‘I do’ at a wedding, it is a celebration of two people coming together. When a couple chooses to renew their vows, it’s simply another chapter in life to recognize, celebrate, and share the growing love between the two people. A milestone anniversary between two people who have wedded is defined differently in every relationship. It can be as little as a year or as long as 50 years or more, but to celebrate the occasion with renewing vows it helps to reignite the love between the two people.

Holding a wedding the way you wanted
For some married couples they may have not had the chance to plan and celebrate their wedding the way they wanted to. There may have been budget constraints, health matters, or a number of other reasons that held back their wedding plans. Renewing vows provides a new opportunity for the couple to plan and host the wedding they dreamed of having.

Celebrating with children and others who were not there for the wedding
Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, but ultimately, having families and friends come together to witness the love between two people is a primary reason most couples even plan a wedding party. By renewing vows, it provides an opportunity to include those who were not there to witness it the first time. As a family, it may be important to have children witness the love between their parents in a formal manner and to celebrate the marriage. In the case of couples who eloped, renewing vows provides the opportunity to invite close friends and family to celebrating the marriage.

Holding a wedding the way you wanted
For some married couples they may have not had the chance to plan and celebrate their wedding the way they wanted to. There may have been budget constraints, health matters, or a number of other reasons that held back their wedding plans. Renewing vows provides a new opportunity for the couple to plan and host the wedding they dreamed of having.

Celebrating with children and others who were not there for the wedding
Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, but ultimately, having families and friends come together to witness the love between two people is a primary reason most couples even plan a wedding party. By renewing vows, it provides an opportunity to include those who were not there to witness it the first time. As a family, it may be important to have children witness the love between their parents in a formal manner and to celebrate the marriage. In the case of couples who eloped, renewing vows provides the opportunity to invite close friends and family to celebrating the marriage.

Start things new after hurdles
Not all marriages go through smooth sailing. Some may come with hurdles related to dishonesty, separation, or other reasons, but with open communication and an honest desire to make the marriage work again, it can be beneficial to renew vows. It’s the start to a new beginning.

Just because
Choosing to renew vows is a personal choice. It’s not necessary to have a reason for it but when both individuals in the relationship come together with the desire for it, it’s a healthy choice to make to bring happiness and more strength to the relationship already built.

A couple’s choice to renew vows can be a healthy move to help strengthen the bond and love they share for one another. Close friends and family will also find great joy being witness to the love and joys of a happy, healthy, and loving marriage.


Creative Ways To Announce You’re Getting Married

tshirt-engagedInstead of the usual instagram shots (which have become a common trende) there are lots of other creative ways to announce your engagement to the world. The following are 10 fun ways to announce you’re getting married.

  • Make a Message T-shirt – For a woman who is planning on changing her name this idea is as simple as printing “The Future Mrs._______” on a T-shirt. For guys, or women who aren’t changing their name, something such as “Save the Date” or “Soon to be Married” is still an effective and fun way to spread the good news.
  • Sing it in a Song – Plan a karaoke night and be prepared to take the stage. You can either sing traditional wedding songs such as “Going to the Chapel” or come up with a song of your own. A song of your own will take a little more work but you can slowly add as many clues as necessary until your guests finally figure out the message.
  • Put it on a Billboard – Yes, this may be a bit pricey but it’s definitely a way to make a splash. Whether it’s with a photo or just a written announcement, putting your engagement on a billboard in an area where people you know will pass by is a great way to spread the word.
  • Create a Custom Blog – Create a Blog with photos and music and a creative lead-up to the big news. After finishing the blog send a link to family and friends announcing your engagement.
  • Stick it in a Fortune Cookie – Fortune cookies with your own customized message can be made or ordered. Order a batch of cookies with your engagement note inside. Then go out to your favorite Chinese restaurant or order take-out. Friends and family will be amazed when they read the fortunes inside.
  • Tell Someone Who Can’t Keep a Secret – This can be lots of fun, especially if there happens to be a little kid in the family. At the next family gathering whisper to one of the kids your good news. Watch how long it takes for the news to “get out” and see how long it takes for someone to figure out it’s really true!
  • Make a YouTube Video – It’s possible now to make a video on your phone and then add your favorite romantic song. This is a fun way to announce your engagement because there are so many creative possibilities.
  • Host a Happy Hour – Choose a fun restaurant or bar that friends and family enjoy. After everyone has ordered their drinks be ready to make a toast announcing your good news.
  • Make a Calendar – Pick twelve of your favorite photos and have them made into a calendar at your local print shop. With a red marker be sure to circle the date of the big day.
  • Send it the Old Fashioned Way – These days many people don’t expect to get announcements through snail mail. Not only is it unexpected but it will provide a nice keepsake.

Shortcuts And Wedding Entertainment Pitfalls

When couples try to plan their wedding, there are a number of important details that must be executed for a dream event. From the flowers to the catering, there are several factors that determine the quality of the event from beginning to end. When it comes to wedding entertainment, many people assume that they can cut corners with the band or DJ that they hire for the day to stay within their budget. Unfortunately, this can prove to have serious pitfalls that affects how much the happy couple and their guests enjoy the wedding.

The music or entertainment that is provided at a wedding will determine how much the guests and wedding party have fun during the event. If the music is of high quality or the DJ knows how to engage a crowd, it can allow people to feel comfortable hitting the dance floor and having a good time. If the DJ has a lack of experience, it can mean sitting through periods of awkward silence as he struggles to get the playlist to continue and guests are left to stand on the dance floor.

Although many people view their wedding entertainment as a great time to allow their cousin’s friend or extended family member to show off their skills as a favor to the individual, it can be at the expense of the bride and groom with their dream wedding. Hiring someone who is inexperienced and is not yet a professional means putting your event at risk of being awkward and boring for those who attend. The DJ may get stage fright when it comes to engaging the crowd or he may play the wrong song for the couple’s first dance. The individual may also forget the bride and groom’s names or is unorganized throughout the event due to a lack of experience. For many couples, this can mean having unnecessary stress that ruins the event.

Hiring an amateur for your wedding entertainment also means that you may be relying on someone who has low-quality equipment and tools. They may have several years of experience, but can’t afford to upgrade their system or microphone. This means that the sound of the music may be difficult to hear or is muffled, which can leave your guests confused when music is played or announcements are made during the reception. For a formal event, this can lower the quality of the celebration and make it less enjoyable for both the bride and groom.

Some people assume that they can just rely on using an iPad or a playlist to get the party started when it’s time to celebrate during the reception to avoid paying more money. Unfortunately, relying on technology to play all of the music means that there will be a lack of personality throughout the wedding. Guests may also be less engaged because they won’t be encouraged to participate in the money dance or hop on the dance floor with their friends. Using an iPod or iPad also means that there can be technical difficulties that occur without the help of a professional who can fix them immediately. The wedding party may be struggling to fix the issue just to get the music to resume playing.

A DJ who has a lack of professionalism who is hired may also forget to play certain songs that you requested and will resort to playing his own music that he enjoys. This can mean having songs at your event that don’t fit your personality or taste. You may want to enjoy a classy wedding with old love songs from the ’50s, but have to endure rap music or hip hop that is played throughout the night. This will ultimately determine how much fun you have and if you’re left frustrated.

The wedding entertainment that is provided at an event is an integral part of the day and  will determine just how much fun everyone has for new memories that will be created. The special day will be remembered for a lifetime, making it important to hire a professional who has experience and quality equipment that can be trusted. Although you may be tempted to cut corners, it can lead to serious pitfalls that won’t be forgotten.


25 Wedding Favors That Are Sure To Please

Wedding favors are fun and personable. This collection of 25 wedding favor ideas with photos are sure to please your guests!

1. Plant with a cute sign.

wedding favor plant
Plants are eco-friendly and are an easy addition, because the guests don’t have to grow them. Add a cute sign with it to add some wedding charm.

2. Personalized sunglasses.

wedding favor sunglasses
These would be great if you are having an outdoor wedding. Add your wedding hashtag to the sides of them and get them in your wedding color scheme!

3. Folding fans that are personalized.

wedding favor fan
This is another wedding favor that would be great for an outdoor wedding during the summer. You can get them printed with a personalized message. Even better, put your program on the fan.

4. Box some cake up in cute DIY boxes!

wedding favor boxes
This is another wedding favor that can knock out two things in one. Put extra cake from the wedding a cute DIY boxes and send home with your guests.

5. Macaroons in a take home box.

wedding favor macaroon
This wedding favor may take more time if you’re making them, but they sure are pretty. The plus side to macaroons is that they can be any color you want, so you can make them match your wedding color scheme.

6. Homemade jam.

wedding favor homemade jam
Going along with the edible wedding favor options is homemade jam. A favor that is something sweet that they will use all the time. Put it in a mason jar with a bow for a cute touch.

7. Cute champagne bottles with personalized message.

wedding favor champagne bottle
Everybody loves weddings that give away alcohol. For an extra touch, add a straw tied to the bottle.

8. DIY Whiskey and coke mason jar kit.

wedding favor whiskey and coke
More alcohol! This is for the individuals that don’t want to drink wine. Get the mini cans of soda and drop them in some mason jars for a nice touch.

9. Candles.

wedding favor candles
Candles are such a nice wedding favor that most people don’t even think about using. The guests will use them more than you think! They can also be homemade too if you don’t want to buy a bunch of candles.

10. Candy bar with personalized sacks for take home treats.

wedding favor candy bags
Having an alternative to the alcohol bar would be the candy bar. Have cute monogrammed sacks for guests to take home the choice of candy.

11. Homemade cookies with a personal touch.

wedding favor cookies
This wedding favor is similar to the candy bar. Make some sugar cookies and add your wedding hashtag on the icing!

12. Party poppers.

wedding favor party poppers
This wedding favor is so much fun and makes for a great exit photograph!

13. Tin of breath mints.

wedding favor breath mints
Nobody will be asking if anybody has gum tonight because of their breath from the wine or whiskey.

14. Coloring Kits for the kids!

wedding favor coloring kit for kids
They need something to preoccupy themselves during the service and reception. This is a gift to the parents to, so they don’t have to occupy the kids themselves.

15. Mason jars full of popcorn.

wedding favor mason jars
Another alternative bar would be a popcorn bar. These have been increasing in popularity this past year. You can have monogrammed sacks or cute mason jars.

16. Cute flip flops to dance in.

wedding favor flip flops
Nobody wants to dance in their heels, so they either won’t dance or go barefoot. Now they won’t have too!

17. Koozies.

wedding favor koozies
Koozies are a tradition at weddings. Make sure yours have a unique saying on them.

18. Spices.

wedding favor spices
Another unique wedding favor is to give your guest a spice. Put a cute wedding message on it to give it an extra touch.

19. Personalized M&M’s in your wedding color scheme.

wedding favor m and ms
These could go along with the candy bar.

20. Coffee!

wedding favor coffee
“Let love brew!”

21. Smores in a bag

22. Lip Balm

wedding favor lip balm

23. Hot Cocoa

wedding favor cocoa

24. Seeds to grow a plant.

wedding favor seeds
Seeds are inexpensive and also eco-friendly. Like the plant earlier in the list you can put a cute saying on the seed bags. Something like “Let love grow” or “Watch love grow.”

25. Bottle Openers.

wedding favor bottle opener
Everybody needs a bottle opener!


It’s All About That Bling! Or Is it?

plastic wedding ringEvery woman dreams of her wedding day; the beautiful gown, flowers and the ring. Well, what happens if your ring does not live up to your standards?

Where is the stone?

It’s your wedding day and you are beyond excited because you are finally marrying the man of your dreams. As he places the ring on your finger you gasp. You cannot believe what you are seeing. This ring requires a magnifying glass to see the stone. If you are appalled and panicked by this, don’t worry. A small diamond is not the end of the world and can be used to symbolize where you both have started out. In a few years, you can sit down with your husband and discuss upgrading the ring with a larger stone, while using the existing one as an accent. This will symbolize how much love has grown between you and how far you have come as a couple.

Is my ring used?

Receiving an heirloom ring that belonged to your husband’s great-grandmother may not be your cup of tea. You may feel as if your husband didn’t care enough about you to purchase a new ring in a style you would appreciate. However, this is not the case. Remember, this ring has been in his family for generations and is probably one of his family’s most prized possessions. The fact he is giving you a ring that is extremely important to him means a lot. Plus, with an heirloom ring, you can be confident in the fact that the ring is most likely a one of a kind piece.

I wanted an emerald cut!

We have all heard the story of the woman who received a pear shaped diamond from the man she loves. The pear shaped diamond may not be a wedding staple, but that is what is so wonderful about it. You will have a ring unlike any other that will create a wonderful story. You can always tell your friends and family that your diamond is as unique as your love story and will be a constant reminder of how your love is not like the rest, yours is a pear in a world of squares.

I think my ring shrunk.

If you find your ring does not fit on your finger, this is an easy fix so there is no need to worry. A lot of things can affect the swelling in your hands; the weather, hormones, even a slight weight gain. You can always wear the ring on a chain around your neck or on another finger if possible until you are able to get the ring resized or are able to identify, and rectify, the situation that is causing your swollen finger syndrome. In the end, it doesn’t matter where the ring is on your body, what matters is that the ring is with you somewhere as a symbol of your love.

Platinum or gold?

If your man purchased you a ring that is not in the metal you would prefer, you can become quite upset. Receiving a yellow gold ring when you wanted platinum can change the entire look of the ring. However, your husband might not have realized that wasn’t what you wanted. Most of us think of gold as being great and wonderful, without realizing you wouldn’t like it. All you need to do is explain to him that this wouldn’t match your other jewelry and you would like to change it. He may be a little embarrassed for not recognizing your tastes, but will most likely agree to changing this one thing to make you happy.

When getting married, the most important thing to remember is the ring is a symbol of your love. Neither the size of the diamond, nor the value of the ring, coincides with how much he loves you. Any ring you receive is a testament of his love because he specifically picked it out for you, and that’s all that matters in the end anyway.


First Dance Song Suggestions for Your Wedding

After the marriage ceremony, wedding guests will gather at the reception to celebrate a beautiful day of love. One of the many heartwarming moments of that day will be the first dance that the bride and groom have with their father and mother. It’s a way of showing gratitude to their parents while sharing a heartening moment. An important part of putting together a wedding is choosing the music at the reception, namely the songs to the first dances. There are so many lovely tunes available that it may seem overwhelming to choose. Depending on your musical preference, you’ll certainly be able to pick the right music with a few of these suggestions.

First, you must decide with your partner a dance “strategy”, if you will. There are many ways to plan for it, such as the bride and groom could dance first while the parents come in later, or everyone could join in at once. Determining a plan beforehand is the best route, and there is no wrong way to go about it.

Music has a lovely way of saying words for us. Since many fathers become emotional during weddings upon realizing that their little girl has grown up, it might be a good idea to use a song that will remind him of the bond you two share. For the bride having difficulties choosing a song, “Sea of Lovers” by Christina Perri is a gentle melody with soothing lyrics, definitely a potential tear-jerker. If modern songs aren’t your style, perhaps use one your father might have listened to back in the day, like “Songbird” by Fleetwood Mac. It’s a great song that will have him reminiscing old memories.

first dance song suggestions
Mother/Son First Dance

There’s nothing sweeter than a mother’s love, and the song should represent that. “Baby I’m Yours” by Arctic Monkeys is a classy way to showcase the groom’s love for his mother. It’s style is vintage with an uplifting tune to keep the mood merry. If you prefer a different genre, “Making Memories of Us” by Keith Urban is recommended for it’s beautiful southern style and lyrics that will have any mother remembering the good times. To those who decided to pair up the dances, “One and Only” by Adele is a touching way to represent the love everyone shares on the dance floor.

Whether you want something upbeat or slow, there’s a song out there that is made for your wedding. Hopefully these suggestions will spark an idea for the bride or groom struggling to find the perfect tune. Love is universal, and any song you decide will depict that.

Still unsure?  Here are some more great first dance song suggestions presented by Wedding Paper Divas.


Wedding Traditions: Keep them or Throw Them out the Window?

There are so many wedding traditions that have been developed since the beginning of time. Thankfully, they have stopped hanging the wedding sheet outside of the honeymoon suite for all to see. However, this begs the question of whether or not there are other traditions that should be left in the past.

The Bouquet Toss
bouquet toss wedding traditionsThe bouquet toss was traditionally done towards the end of the reception. All of the single ladies would join the bride on the dance floor and the bride would toss the bouquet. Whoever caught it was “the next to get married”. Most modern brides are doing away with this tradition for a few reasons. As a single lady, it is embarrassing to get on the dance floor while everyone watches you vying to catch the bouquet. As the bride, you may want to keep your bouquet as a keepsake! This is a tradition that seems to be getting steadily less popular with brides in favor of creating their own style at their wedding.

Garter Toss
The garter toss typically goes right along with the bouquet toss. The groom would reach his hands up his new wife’s dress and retrieve the garter from her upper thigh. More and more brides are getting rid of this tradition. I can understand how this might be uncomfortable. Who wants their dad or their grandparents to watch their new husband reach up their dress and insinuate a little hanky panky on their wedding day? It could make everyone else feel uncomfortable and awkward, as well. Everyone already knows what is going down that night in the honeymoon suite; no one needs to see it come true on the dance floor! As if the tradition could be any worse, the groom would then fling the garter backwards to all the single men in attendance at the wedding. Whoever caught his wife’s sexy garter was the “next to be married”. Sometimes they would even have to dance with the woman who caught the bouquet! Many wedding goers are thankful this tradition is being thrown away.

Bridal Parties
Bridal parties were traditionally a group of the bride’s closest female friends standing next to her on her wedding day in matching dresses and matching jewelry. This has been evolving over the past 5-10 years in so many ways. For one, the matching dresses have fallen to the wayside. Some brides are asking their bridesmaids to all wear the same color, but the dresses are totally up to them. It is so hard to find a dress that will match each girl’s style and body type and different dresses can really relieve some of the stress that goes along with this. Some are even letting it be a free-for-all and do not even care about matching colors.

Brides and grooms have also begun including members of the opposite sex in their bridal party. If you have grown up having a guy as your best friend, why not include him with the rest of the bridesmaids? The term “bridesman” has been coined and is a new popular trend! There are so many things that could change with this new trend. Does the bridesmaid walk down the aisle with the bridesmaids, or wait at the front on the bride’s side? Does he get ready with the girls or with the guys? However, there are so many brides willing to take this risk, because it means they can include their best friends, regardless of gender, in their special day!

After the invention of the camera, wedding pictures became a great tradition. This tradition will probably never die. It may evolve, but the vast majority of people want to be able to look back on their wedding day and show the pictures to their children and grandchildren. It has already begun to evolve with photo booths for the guests to enjoy. The poses have become less traditional with everyone standing in a straight line or the typical shots everyone expects from a wedding. The photography has become more creative and stylistic than just the professional posed pictures your grandparents had taken at their nuptials. This is an exciting transition away from the traditional. It requires more artistic interpretation. The pictures are eye-catching and exciting to look at.

Cakes, DJs and more
With the invention of sites like Pinterest, Instagram and other social media sites, information about weddings are so much more widely available. People are constantly sharing ideas or new information you may not have thought about before. One of the new traditions is having cupcakes, mini pies, cheesecake or an ice cream sundae bar instead of the widely accepted practice of serving cake. This also eliminates the obligatory cake smash in the face as the bride and groom feed each other a slice of cake. Cake is still served at some weddings, but the options are opening up to include a variety of more dessert options. DJs still seem to be widely accepted, but will this continue to change as well as technology evolves? There are some engaged couples who ask their friend to coordinate the music for the wedding instead of hiring a DJ. They can get all the music they want to be played and load it onto a device that can be hooked up to a sound system. Of course, there are many professional DJs who have valid points as to why this shouldn’t be done.

Are you planning on keeping the old traditions or adapting to some of the new ideas floating around? We would love to hear from you in the comments if there is anything you have thought about doing or have already done at your wedding!


Unique Wedding Traditions Around The World

Tradition is that part of culture passed from generation to another differing in details from community to community. A community is unique based on the traditions it follows when celebrating or honoring a particular custom or events.

The Wedding is one of the commonly celebrated events around the world, and certain wedding traditions have to be observed depending on the community. In a bid to appreciate the uniqueness of various communities around the world, we’d like to present wedding traditions that might have you scratching your head or even laughing. But are they any less silly than our own wedding traditions?

China Wedding Traditions

chinese wedding traditions hair combing ceremonyIn China, the couples get advised on a suitable engagement date preferably even numbered months and dates, avoiding the Lunar seventh month (the month of the hungry ghost festival). A month before the wedding day, the groom and a friend will deliver betrothal gifts on the engagement day. A fortune woman will install the bridal bed in the bridal room up to 12 days before the wedding and conduct a hair combing ceremony a night before the wedding day. This is done either in front of an open window with a visible moon or in front of a mirror. During the combing ceremony, four hair combings represent four blessings that are given to the bride. The first hair combing (together all their lives), the second hair combing (harmony in their marriage), the third coming (blessed with many children and grandchildren) and the fourth hair combing (blessed with long-lasting life). The Chinese decorate the two households by hanging a red banner across the front doors to announce the wedding.


sweden wedding coins in shoesIn Sweden, the bride is not given away by her father but walks along the aisle alone. She has coins in her shoes; a silver coin in her left shoe and a gold coin in the other given to her by her parents to symbolize that she will never lack. The Swedish have a trilogy of symbolic rings for the bride to be: upon engagement the first ring is given, another ring during the wedding ceremony and the third ring on the birth of the couple’s first child. They also have a wedding clothing rule, which is that if a female attending the wedding wears red to the ceremony, it is perceived that she had an affair with the groom. If the groom leaves the room then the bride is open to receive cheek kisses from anyone who is willing. The same applies to the groom when the bride leaves.


In Malaysia, it is tradition to begin investigating for a suitable bride (known as the merisik) when the future groom becomes of marriageable age.  An engagement is reached after a series of friendly visits from go-betweens and family representatives to ensure a suitable match for the groom and a potential wife. If the engagement is agreed, they discuss the wedding date and the wang belanja – the amount of money paid towards the wedding expenses. A minimum of seven gifts is given for the betrothed bride while she is expected to exceed the number of gifts her groom has offered. When the groom goes to the bride’s house to claim her, he has to pay a tax to enter her house. This is a money gift to the bride’s family. The wedding ceremony comes to an end when the bridal pair goes off to the bride’s house to pay their respects to her family.

The culture of the Tidong community observe a tradition in which after the wedding, the bride and groom are not allowed to use the bathroom for three whole days. They are watched over, allowed to eat only minimum amounts of foods and drink and not allowed to leave the house to empty their bowels or to urinate. It is believed that if this isn’t practiced, bad luck will befall the couple, and it would lead to consequences such as broken marriages, infidelity or death of the children. The couples are allowed to go back to their normal routines after three days.


washing feet indian wedding traditionsAmong Indians, the wedding is divided into three parts: pre-wedding, main and post-wedding. A Pandit, who has selected the wedding day based on the bride and groom’s horoscopes, conducts a prayer with family members to provide the couple with happy married life. The wedding altar (Mandapa) is built, and the groom is welcomed by his future mother-in-law where his feet are washed, and he is offered honey and milk. His sister in law will then attempt to steal his shoes, and if successful, the groom must pay to get them back. An Indian groom usually wears a turban containing a veil of flowers to protect him from evil spirits. The parents give away the bride and do not have any meals before the wedding to remain pure for the event. The bride’s saree is normally tied to the groom’s scarf to symbolize the union of the two souls. During a similar ceremony, a cord is tied around a couple’s necks (typically tied by elders of the bride and groom) to protect them from evil.


scotland wedding tradition throw trash at brideIn Scotland, friends and relatives of the woman to be wedded, normally show their affection by throwing nasty things like dead fish, spoilt food, tar sauces, mud and curdled milk on her. She is also tied to a tree and afterwards, taken for a night out. The belief is that, if the bride can handle all that, then, she could be able to handle anything is her marriage.


korean wedding tradition beeting grooms feetIn Korea, the groom’s feet are beaten with a cane or fish or a cane before his first night as a married man. This is made to make sure that the groom does not disappoint on the night of his wedding.


In Russia, before the wedding, the groom’s family will visit the bride’s family to pay dowry. If it’s not as they had agreed, a substitute bride is normally presented until all the money is paid in full or the groom becomes satisfied with it.


france toilet bowl food weddingIn France, after the wedding is complete, the bridal party collects all the foods that were left over and put the in a toilet bowl. It is then taken to their new bride and groom’s room where they would be expected to eat it.


In the Maasai culture Kenya, the father of the bride blesses his daughter by spitting on her head and breasts. After, this she leaves with her husband and does not look back for fear of turning into a stone.


In Romania, a man normally abducts a woman he wants to marry, or couples ran away without the consent of their parents. If the man manages to kidnap the woman for at least three days, she is officially recognized as his wife.


In Sudan, for the Neur tribe, the groom can get married if he pays for 20-40 herds of cattle. The wedding is complete if the wife gives birth to two kids. If the wife has only one child, the husband can ask for a divorce. He can also ask for the cattle or the baby.

Various Latinos

latino ribbon cakeAmong many Latinos, the bouquet toss is abandoned. Instead, everyone crowds around the cake and pulls a ribbon out from it. One of the ribbons will have a ring attached to the end of it and whoever pulls it out is next to get married.

Marquesas Islands

Among the people of Marquesas Island, the bride and the groom have to walk over the relatives friends at the end of the wedding reception and everyone has to lie down to make a human carpet.

Are our own wedding traditions any less unique? Clinking, bouquet toss, or even the garter ceremony, might have people of other countries completely perplexed, embarrassed, or even offended. Let us know in the comments below about wedding traditions that you have discovered!