plastic wedding ringEvery woman dreams of her wedding day; the beautiful gown, flowers and the ring. Well, what happens if your ring does not live up to your standards?

Where is the stone?

It’s your wedding day and you are beyond excited because you are finally marrying the man of your dreams. As he places the ring on your finger you gasp. You cannot believe what you are seeing. This ring requires a magnifying glass to see the stone. If you are appalled and panicked by this, don’t worry. A small diamond is not the end of the world and can be used to symbolize where you both have started out. In a few years, you can sit down with your husband and discuss upgrading the ring with a larger stone, while using the existing one as an accent. This will symbolize how much love has grown between you and how far you have come as a couple.

Is my ring used?

Receiving an heirloom ring that belonged to your husband’s great-grandmother may not be your cup of tea. You may feel as if your husband didn’t care enough about you to purchase a new ring in a style you would appreciate. However, this is not the case. Remember, this ring has been in his family for generations and is probably one of his family’s most prized possessions. The fact he is giving you a ring that is extremely important to him means a lot. Plus, with an heirloom ring, you can be confident in the fact that the ring is most likely a one of a kind piece.

I wanted an emerald cut!

We have all heard the story of the woman who received a pear shaped diamond from the man she loves. The pear shaped diamond may not be a wedding staple, but that is what is so wonderful about it. You will have a ring unlike any other that will create a wonderful story. You can always tell your friends and family that your diamond is as unique as your love story and will be a constant reminder of how your love is not like the rest, yours is a pear in a world of squares.

I think my ring shrunk.

If you find your ring does not fit on your finger, this is an easy fix so there is no need to worry. A lot of things can affect the swelling in your hands; the weather, hormones, even a slight weight gain. You can always wear the ring on a chain around your neck or on another finger if possible until you are able to get the ring resized or are able to identify, and rectify, the situation that is causing your swollen finger syndrome. In the end, it doesn’t matter where the ring is on your body, what matters is that the ring is with you somewhere as a symbol of your love.

Platinum or gold?

If your man purchased you a ring that is not in the metal you would prefer, you can become quite upset. Receiving a yellow gold ring when you wanted platinum can change the entire look of the ring. However, your husband might not have realized that wasn’t what you wanted. Most of us think of gold as being great and wonderful, without realizing you wouldn’t like it. All you need to do is explain to him that this wouldn’t match your other jewelry and you would like to change it. He may be a little embarrassed for not recognizing your tastes, but will most likely agree to changing this one thing to make you happy.

When getting married, the most important thing to remember is the ring is a symbol of your love. Neither the size of the diamond, nor the value of the ring, coincides with how much he loves you. Any ring you receive is a testament of his love because he specifically picked it out for you, and that’s all that matters in the end anyway.

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