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Slam Grands has the distinction of being the single most popular piano shell brand in dedicated dueling piano bars. And for good reason. This piano show is superbly made, very durable, looks great, and can hold the weight of a bachelorette and her crew. They are the only company that we've reviewed that also comes with an (optional) percussive "fall board" keyboard lid that is designed to be able to slam upwards making a loud clapping sound. (Thus the name, Slam Grand.) If you're new to dueling pianos, this is a great old school tool to get audiences to clap, by creating a loud clapping noise with minimal effort. And it looks bad-ass when you do it.

While we like this brand for clubs because of it's durability, sturdiness and appearance, it's not optimal for traveling dueling shows  because it's not designed to quickly breakdown, and it's heavy. Their standard sized shell (5'3") is 215 lbs, completely assembled. If you have a crew and a truck, it might not be a bad choice, but if you're the performer and the mover, there may be better choices for a traveling show.

Slam Grands have been used in concert and videos by Kid Rock, Aerosmith, Taylor Swift, Tom Petty, American Idol...and the list goes on. They also build completely customized shells.

Of the shells we've reviewed here on dueling-piano.com, this is the most expensive, with a single standard 5'3" shell running $3895 plus shipping. If you're looking to have a club with dueling pianos 3-4 nights a week and want to just set them and leave them, this would be well worth the investment. These bad boys take a beating.

This company located in Sparks, NV and owned by Gary Raffanelli, hasn't changed it's prices since 2002 (we verified this 6/2016) and freely publishes them on their website.  We appreciate the transparency. Here are some of the prices for a single shell:

Standard black 5’3”: $3895 (ask for a 10% discount if you buy a pair)
Custom height: +100
Polished black or white laminate: +349
Custom color: +249
Fall board: +299
Custom length: +1299

Slam grands accomodate keyboard widths of up to 55 inches which fits most standard stage pianos including Yamaha CP-33, CP-300, CP-40, and Roland RD-800.

Current lead time as of June 2016 was 6 weeks. Make sure you ask since it will depend on their backlog.

Shipping costs: $450 per pair, subject to change at anytime, of course.


Total weight: 215 lbs
Each leg weighs 15 lbs (x3), lid is 40 lbs, body without lid is 135 lbs.
Keyboard bed clearance: 55"
Length of shell: 5'3"

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