tshirt-engagedInstead of the usual instagram shots (which have become a common trende) there are lots of other creative ways to announce your engagement to the world. The following are 10 fun ways to announce you’re getting married.

  • Make a Message T-shirt – For a woman who is planning on changing her name this idea is as simple as printing “The Future Mrs._______” on a T-shirt. For guys, or women who aren’t changing their name, something such as “Save the Date” or “Soon to be Married” is still an effective and fun way to spread the good news.
  • Sing it in a Song – Plan a karaoke night and be prepared to take the stage. You can either sing traditional wedding songs such as “Going to the Chapel” or come up with a song of your own. A song of your own will take a little more work but you can slowly add as many clues as necessary until your guests finally figure out the message.
  • Put it on a Billboard – Yes, this may be a bit pricey but it’s definitely a way to make a splash. Whether it’s with a photo or just a written announcement, putting your engagement on a billboard in an area where people you know will pass by is a great way to spread the word.
  • Create a Custom Blog – Create a Blog with photos and music and a creative lead-up to the big news. After finishing the blog send a link to family and friends announcing your engagement.
  • Stick it in a Fortune Cookie – Fortune cookies with your own customized message can be made or ordered. Order a batch of cookies with your engagement note inside. Then go out to your favorite Chinese restaurant or order take-out. Friends and family will be amazed when they read the fortunes inside.
  • Tell Someone Who Can’t Keep a Secret – This can be lots of fun, especially if there happens to be a little kid in the family. At the next family gathering whisper to one of the kids your good news. Watch how long it takes for the news to “get out” and see how long it takes for someone to figure out it’s really true!
  • Make a YouTube Video – It’s possible now to make a video on your phone and then add your favorite romantic song. This is a fun way to announce your engagement because there are so many creative possibilities.
  • Host a Happy Hour – Choose a fun restaurant or bar that friends and family enjoy. After everyone has ordered their drinks be ready to make a toast announcing your good news.
  • Make a Calendar – Pick twelve of your favorite photos and have them made into a calendar at your local print shop. With a red marker be sure to circle the date of the big day.
  • Send it the Old Fashioned Way – These days many people don’t expect to get announcements through snail mail. Not only is it unexpected but it will provide a nice keepsake.
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