When couples try to plan their wedding, there are a number of important details that must be executed for a dream event. From the flowers to the catering, there are several factors that determine the quality of the event from beginning to end. When it comes to wedding entertainment, many people assume that they can cut corners with the band or DJ that they hire for the day to stay within their budget. Unfortunately, this can prove to have serious pitfalls that affects how much the happy couple and their guests enjoy the wedding.

The music or entertainment that is provided at a wedding will determine how much the guests and wedding party have fun during the event. If the music is of high quality or the DJ knows how to engage a crowd, it can allow people to feel comfortable hitting the dance floor and having a good time. If the DJ has a lack of experience, it can mean sitting through periods of awkward silence as he struggles to get the playlist to continue and guests are left to stand on the dance floor.

Although many people view their wedding entertainment as a great time to allow their cousin’s friend or extended family member to show off their skills as a favor to the individual, it can be at the expense of the bride and groom with their dream wedding. Hiring someone who is inexperienced and is not yet a professional means putting your event at risk of being awkward and boring for those who attend. The DJ may get stage fright when it comes to engaging the crowd or he may play the wrong song for the couple’s first dance. The individual may also forget the bride and groom’s names or is unorganized throughout the event due to a lack of experience. For many couples, this can mean having unnecessary stress that ruins the event.

Hiring an amateur for your wedding entertainment also means that you may be relying on someone who has low-quality equipment and tools. They may have several years of experience, but can’t afford to upgrade their system or microphone. This means that the sound of the music may be difficult to hear or is muffled, which can leave your guests confused when music is played or announcements are made during the reception. For a formal event, this can lower the quality of the celebration and make it less enjoyable for both the bride and groom.

Some people assume that they can just rely on using an iPad or a playlist to get the party started when it’s time to celebrate during the reception to avoid paying more money. Unfortunately, relying on technology to play all of the music means that there will be a lack of personality throughout the wedding. Guests may also be less engaged because they won’t be encouraged to participate in the money dance or hop on the dance floor with their friends. Using an iPod or iPad also means that there can be technical difficulties that occur without the help of a professional who can fix them immediately. The wedding party may be struggling to fix the issue just to get the music to resume playing.

A DJ who has a lack of professionalism who is hired may also forget to play certain songs that you requested and will resort to playing his own music that he enjoys. This can mean having songs at your event that don’t fit your personality or taste. You may want to enjoy a classy wedding with old love songs from the ’50s, but have to endure rap music or hip hop that is played throughout the night. This will ultimately determine how much fun you have and if you’re left frustrated.

The wedding entertainment that is provided at an event is an integral part of the day and  will determine just how much fun everyone has for new memories that will be created. The special day will be remembered for a lifetime, making it important to hire a professional who has experience and quality equipment that can be trusted. Although you may be tempted to cut corners, it can lead to serious pitfalls that won’t be forgotten.

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